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Internet Access System to Clients

It´s a system of access that via various User priveleged levels permits consultation, upload  and download information to the client across the WEB, such as: PLC Programs, Panel View Programs, Web Configuration, Electrical  Diagrams  and Equipment Backup. This system operates under a Linux server with high security level of access (HS) to stored information, if you possess equipment of control in your plant and your production is very important  we recommend maintaining a backup of this service.

Remember that the stopping of your equipment can mean big losses.  We have a plan that meets your needs. For this system we offer an annual backup policy for all your programs. With this service you could obtain from our webpage the latest backup of your programs. The backup can be done during a visit by our personnel for creating these backups. This policy has a duration of one year after its´acquisition. You can obtain it through our webpage, you´d be assigned a User name and a password.


  • With this service you could have absolute security of having on hand at any moment the latest versions of your programs.
  • Eliminate the risk of losing some program permanently.
  • It´s possible to assign Users with privileges if there are changes made by the plant personnel. Your engineers can upload the latest versions onto our webpage.

What´s a PLC?

  • A PLC (Programmable Logic Controller with its labels in English) or controller of programmed logic, are electronic devices frequently used in Industrial Automation.
  • PLC = An Industrial hardware, which is used for the obtaining of data. Once obtained. They are transmitted via a bus ( for example Ethernet) to a server.
  • It´s history gained popularity at the end of the 1960´s when the industry looked into new technologies for a more efficient solution to replace controil systems based on electrical circuits on rails, interrupters and other components commonly used for control of combined logic.
  • Nowadays, these PLC not only control the logical function of machines, plants and processes, but also perform mathematical operations, manage analogical signals for performing control strategies, such as integral proportional derivatives. (PID)
  • The latest PLC´s can communicate with other controllers and computers on local area webs, and are a fundamental part of the modern distribution systems.
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