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What´s a PLC?

  • A PLC (Programmable Logic Controller with its labels in English) or controller of programmed logic, are electronic devices frequently used in Industrial Automation.
  • PLC = An Industrial hardware, which is used for the obtaining of data. Once obtained. They are transmitted via a bus ( for example Ethernet) to a server.
  • It´s history gained popularity at the end of the 1960´s when the industry looked into new technologies for a more efficient solution to replace controil systems based on electrical circuits on rails, interrupters and other components commonly used for control of combined logic.
  • Nowadays, these PLC not only control the logical function of machines, plants and processes, but also perform mathematical operations, manage analogical signals for performing control strategies, such as integral proportional derivatives. (PID)
  • The latest PLC´s can communicate with other controllers and computers on local area webs, and are a fundamental part of the modern distribution systems.

 There are various programming languages, traditionally the most popular are ladder diagram ( Language Ladder )-preferred by electricians, lists of instructions and programming by states, even though there has been incorporated more intuitive languages that allow implementation of complex algorithms along with simple flow diagrams which are easier to interpret and maintain. One of the most recent languages preferred by Computer System Specialists and Electricians is ´FBD´in English ´Function Block Diagram´ which employs logic gates and blocks with distinctive functions connected to each other.

In the programming you can include different types of operations, from simple such as Boolean Logic, counters, timers, contacts, coils, mathematical operators, even more complex operations like table management (recipes), pointers, PID algorithms and communication functions with multi protocols that allow inter connection with other devices.

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