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Corrective and Preventive Maintenance Service Policies

At ADEPI we are always committed to our customers, that´s why we have created an innovative concept of Policies for the purpose of providing better attention.

A Service Policy (Corrective and Preventative Maintenance), is the easiest and most convenient manner to insure optimal functioning of your control system, preventing future problems and insuring the solution of any system failure.

You can protect your company with our Service Policy, don´t wait until your system begins to fail to acquire a Service Policy, you can receive the following benefits:

1.- Programmed Service ( Preventative Maintenance )

Programmed service allows you to conveniently schedule the day and hour in which our personnel can arrive and attend your company, avoiding daily activity interruption. You can rely on (1) Programmed Service.

This type of service includes:

  • Physical cleaning of interior and exterior of control panels and power equipment.
  • PLC Programs, Panel View Programs, and Factory Talk Applications Backups.
  • Battery Change ( in CompactLogix and ControLogix systems).
  • Revision and adjustment of connections.

2. Extended  Service  (Corrective Maintenance)

In the case of incurring a system failure you could require the assistance of our personnel up to 3 times for Allen Bradley equipment, independently of the prior point, this kind of service has a response time of 24 hours after the client report and includes the following:

  • Resetting of Allen-Bradly PLC´s failures.
  • Downloading of PLC Programs (if it has been erased the PLC memory).
  • Reconfiguration of Communication Modules.
  • Revision of equipment such as PLC´s, Cards, Power Sources, Drives, SCADA systems, Rockwell Automation.
  • Diagnostic of Equipment Damages.
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